Since 2015 our company is one of the first Approved Economic Operators, with the possibility to appear before customs of the whole Greek territory and the community.

The granting of the status of approved economic operator to our company enables our customers to benefit both in terms of simplifications provided for by customs legislation and at the level of customs facilities, in terms of customs controls.

In this capacity, our customers shall take priority in handling cargo, if selected for inspection, selection of the place of inspections, easier entry to customs simplifications and generally faster customs clearance of goods to avoid time-consuming procedures.

The guarantee of your safe service are the ethics of our responsibility.

Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs)

Our principle

Confidence - Our mission is to design and provide high quality works tailored to the specific needs of our customers, aiming at creating a long lasting relationship of trust.

Knowledge with knowledge and emphasis on professionalism, service and achievement of the objectives of our customer marketing and with insight, we create added value for our customers, providing integrated services at competitive cost.

Dignity - In accordance with the rules of good behavior.

Prudence - The professional who thinks and acts with logic and restraint.

Consequence - the professional who responds accurately and regularly to his obligations.